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About authors

Beate Teresa Author

Beate Teresa Hanika

Former fashion model, writer. Her debut story Little Red Riding Hood’s won several awards, including a nomination for the German Children’s Literary Prize.

Oleg Author

Oleg Hristolübskiy

Director, producer, screenwriter, concept-maker. Lives in Berlin.

Director of documentaries and feature films. In the theatre, he works in the direction of site-specific theatre, installations, audio promenades and digital. In his creations, he relies on surreal images and visual metaphors. Music, song, rhythm means in his work a lot as well.

HomoCosmos Author


HomoCosmos Independent Theatre Company (Belarus)

Initiated in 2016 by Katsiaryna Saladukha (Belarus) and Dariusz Jezierski (Poland), the project theatre creates immersive, participatory, site-specific and intimate performances, the central focus of which is the Human, body and corporeality, detabooisation of socially important topics and discussion of them with the means of art.