Red Cap Must Cry
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Hello, my name is Malvina!

“I am 13 years old. I have the most ordinary family and I love them. I go to school, I play music, I like to chat with Lizzy – she is my best friend. Together we fight with the boys in the villa, I have a bicycle, and sometimes I visit my grandfather. Like Little Red Cap…”

What could possibly go wrong? But behind the happy facade hides a terrible secret…

Mobile game based on the novel by German writer Beate Teresa Hanika. In this game, we learn the story of a girl named Malvina, who keeps a little secret with the smell of strong-smelling cheese and a glass of red drink on the table. What is Malvina hiding? To find the answer, you need to immerse yourself in a story full of secrets, fairy tales and… reality.

I'll tell you my story, and you help me get out of the nightmare

What to do, if?

Some statistics:


Victims are children from “happy” families


Crimes are committed by friends and family


Children and teenagers seek help

If you feel that something is not right, read the recommendations of a psychologist

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